Top 5 safest places to travel during Coronavirus

Top 5 safest places to travel during Coronavirus

Are you planning your holidays in Europe? Are you afraid of coronavirus spreading these days? Don’t worry we are here for your rescue and to clear all your confusion. Here are some safety tips as well as some information and along with that the list of holiday destinations to travel during Coronavirus in Europe.

The World Health Organization advises travellers to keep on travelling while taking some personal care regarding hygiene such as washing your hands regularly with alcoholic gel or sanitizer. Also, go for destinations with a lower population. Choose A holiday in the great outdoor locations, close to the sea, because the air there is 100 times purer than the cities. As a safety precaution, all planes flying in Europe are equipped with an air filtration system. So LPO Holidays advises you to carry your own snacks and alcohol gel on the plane along with that carry your own book for reading as the magazines on the plane can be infectious. 

 To be extra conscious avoid cruises and prefer to book tourist apartments, villas, B&B, guesthouses or medium-sized hotels. As we are providing a list of destinations which are least affected or free of coronavirus, here are some destinations to be avoided because they are most affected.

The following destinations are the most affected:

  • Venice, Milan, Bergamo, Rome, Florence, Turin (Italy)
  • Oise and Morbihan (France)
  • Berlin and Bavaria (Germany)


Now, Let’s move forward to the safest places to travel during coronavirus in Europe:

  • Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

The Hungarian paradise is least affected by a coronavirus. The city is blessed with a rich architectural and historical heritage. It is a perfect combination of culture, culinary and warm thermal waters and world heritage sights. In Budapest, the Danube is the best European destination, it is also one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world.

Join Budapest lovers and best tours in Budapest with LPO Holidays. Try Danube Cruise, and visit the Buda Castle or go for a Budapest walking tour of both Buda and Pest and enjoy your holidays in the best destination in Europe!


  • Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the European countries which is least affected by the coronavirus.  Prague has been known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world since Ages. The beauty of Prague is adjectivized as “golden“, “city of a hundred spires“, and  “the crown of the world”.

Stroll with LPO Holidays in the Historic Centre of Prague and its 866 hectares largest iconic city centre. And also be a part of a vibrant cultural metropolis.


  • Wroclaw, Poland 

Wroclaw, Poland

According to the sources, Poland is one of the European countries least affected by the coronavirus. Wroclaw is an amazing city. It is guaranteed that you will get awestruck by its beauty. It is not a metropolis nor is it a small town, just perfect for everyone.

Wroclaw offers magnificent cathedrals, fascinating fountains, and world-class attractions, with which it is astonishingly beautiful.


  • Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria, Spain

Gran Canaria is one of the favourite destinations of travellers. It is also among the least affected places by the Coronavirus in Europe. 

 Overall, Spain is 7 times less affected by Coronavirus than Italy. Do not delay booking your summer holidays in Gran Canaria because it’s a favourite summer holiday spot for many travellers.

To be safe, you can avoid large hotels and book your tourist apartment, villa, B&B, guesthouse or a medium-sized hotel. Also, you can book your best activities Gran Canaria such as a 2.5-Hour Dolphin watching boat tour which is one of the attractions.


  • Antalya, Turkey

Antalya, Turkey

Turkey is one of the European countries least affected by the coronavirus.  Antalya is a perfect destination for everyone who really needs a break from the day to day life.

Turquoise blue waters and golden sandy beaches make Antalya the best destination in Turkey. You will fall in love with its old historic beauty and its cafes with a traditional touch. And treat yourself to a Duden waterfalls visit with a boat trip or travel from Antalya to “Pamukkale” the cotton palace. Discover the landscapes around Antalya from up on a panoramic tour by cable car. Treat yourself to a Viking boat tour on the beautiful bays of Kemer.

Enjoy your best and safe holidays at these places with LPO Holidays.

Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

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