The Best Gifts To Bring Back From Europe

The best gifts to bring back Cover

Taking little gifts home from a trip is such a fun way to give loved ones a taste of where you’ve been. Finding gifts could be a task, but LPO Holidays got you covered with the best gifts to bring back from Europe.

Keeping good memories and celebrating them with people close to you is what travel teaches you. No matter where you travel in Europe, there is a lot to get home as a gift. Every European Country is filled with its own uniqueness and culture. From handcrafted goods to delightful food items Europe can be wrapped in little gifts to bring home. 

Here, we picked up some best gifts for you to bring back from Europe-


Leather goods gift market in Italy, Europe

Italy is full of outdoor markets packed with vendors selling a variety of leather goods that range from bags to belts to notebooks. Italian leather is well known in the fashion world for its best quality and craftsmanship.

Along with that, Olive oil is also something you can pick from Italy, and serve your loved ones the taste of Italy.


The Evil eye Beads to bring back as gift from Greece, Europe

Greece is famous for its Olives. Pick up a jar of delicious Olives or Kalamata which will make your friends visit Greece as soon as possible. The Evil Eye beads (Mati) which are believed as it keeps the bad fortune away in greek culture. You will find these little beads all over in Greece get some if you believe.


Handheld fans to bring back from Spain, Europe

A European football jersey is a fabulous gift, but one from the iconic Real Madrid dynasty may be the most impressive. And Spain is all artistic country some handheld fans hand-painted with love are best to use as it is or it can serve as a beautiful decorative piece. 

Czech Republic 

Bohemian crystal pieces in Czech Republic, Europe

Bohemian crystal is a traditional hand-cut glass made all over the Czech Republic. This glass is elegantly detailed with designs and it is the best quality and durable than other glass.

The Czech Republic is famous for its beer and also the Brand Manufaktura is a traditional cosmetics brand recognized for its special beer ingredient.


London hats England, Europe

British definitely know how to rock their hats in style we can totally see in various royal weddings as well as events. So the London hats are a precious gift for your friends and family. If you really want to gift the historic hat then surely visit Lock & Co. which is said to be the oldest hat shop in London. And you can pick up the authentic English souvenirs while strolling around on London streets.


traditional Turkish Carpets in Turkey, Europe

If you are visiting Turkish Coffee with a copper cup and saucer is a special combo gift you must take with you. Turkish coffee is served black which popular for its strong as death and sweet as love characteristics.

If you’re not tight on budget you can take Traditional Turkish Carpet to add more beauty to your gifts as they are delicately designed with love.


handcrafted Tilework from Portugal, Europe


Portugal’s picturesque Duoro valley is the world’s only Port wine producer, Port wine from Duoro valley is an authentic gift from Portugal. Azulejos the handcrafted tilework which is quite famous in all parts of Portugal are perfect as a gift for your friends and family.


Delftware in netherlands, Europe

The Netherlands is a destination for a lot of gifts. Dutch Cheese, Clogs, Tulip bulbs and cute Delftware and what not! Netherlands famous for its tulip bulbs which only allowed to carry as a gift to some countries so make sure you check that.

Clogs that are available in glass and wooden and the cute delftware which is white and blue pottery pieces are a lot of great options to bring back home. 


Camembert cheese from France, Europe

France is famous for its Camembert cheese. It is a creamy cow milk cheese which is delicious to pair up with any meal. It is a perfect gift takeaway. And Paris silk scarfs or beret are also a good and handy option to gift your loved ones.



 best gift from Switzerland, Europe Swiss Cuckoo Clock

Swiss Cuckoo Clocks are known for their epic craftsmanship, pleasant music and irresistible charm. It is a sweet gift to carry from Switzerland. And the renowned chocolates Toblerone, Lindt, etc. are sweet token of love to must get home for everyone. 

So, feed your wanderlust and gift a charming part of your journey to your friends and family. Gift your loved one a trip to Europe and pick these gems with LPO Holidays

Gift A Small Part Of Europe To The One You Love.



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