Surprising Places Of Venice

Surprising places of Venice

Venice is a destination full of surprising places to visit. If you are located in India and are thinking of visiting a destination or one of the cities in Europe, I’d suggest you book a Venice holiday package from India, or the best Europe packages and get to exploring!

Below are some surprising places in Venice & what makes it one of the best destinations in Europe.


Venice is the city which is located in Italy, on the south side of western Europe. It’s popularly known for the beauty it possesses, ancient constructions and art. Most people know Venice by its Historic buildings and canals but that is not all, Venice also has the riches of its unique culture and lifestyle influenced by the location at the center of the lagoon and years and years of political and economic historic record. Venice is considered to be the favorite amongst the artists as many habits, words and things which are currently part of our daily life took birth in this small and important city. And, not many know about some of the surprising places of Venice.

Moreover, Venice is also popular for a Carolina boat and Venetian Rowing. Many of you must have seen about this destination in pictures, videos, and documentaries. So, here are some details about 6 surprising things to do in Venice.

So, Let’s start at-


#1 Murano – Glass MakingSurprising Places Of Venice

Venice is largely for the ride across the lagoon to Murano which is the home of Venice’s fabled glass workers. These workers were sent here in the 13th century and were known for their glasswork. You’d love to see the glasses blown and turned into vases & other glass souvenirs if you possess a keen eye for glass artwork.

Many workshops take place here that will give you detailed knowledge about the complete glass making process. The Murano glass museum here is divine, you’ll learn about the entire history of glass & the tradition connected with glass making process.

#2 Fangotherapy – Healing Mud BathsSurprising Places In Venice

Fango therapy is for you if you are fascinated by the thoughts of covering yourself in mud and letting its natural healing qualities do its wonders.

It is near Padua, an hour away ride from Venice. It also can be reached by train via Venice. It’s in the towns Abano and Montegrotto Terme. This place has many five star hotels as well as budget-friendly resorts that offer muddy spa therapy.

Apart from the mud therapy, there are many other options like heated pools, saunas, jacuzzis, and hydrotherapy you can treat yourself with!

#3 Gondola – Canal RowingGondola Canal Rowing

It’s impossible for one to visit Venice, the water city & not hop on and row a gondola. That’s something you must not miss out being on a Venice trip. There are multiple people who will teach you to row a boat yourself, it’s not easy but it’s certainly worth the experience.

The best time to visit Venice in April, May, September & October. During this time there are Venice tour packages and India to Venice tour packages that are available & will make your trip well-planned and pocket-friendly.

#4 Verona – Where Romeo & Juliet LivedVerona- home of Romeo & Juliet

Being one of Italy’s most attractive cities, travelers love visiting the home of Juliet that is definitely very alluring to Shakesphere readers. This magical place of Verona extends to many religious churches, retro museums &  beautiful squares & is only an hour ride away from the city of Venice.

Giardino Giusti, a precisely manicured garden is another place worth visiting in the list of surprising places of Venice.

#5 San Michele Island – The CemeterySurprising Places Of Venice

This is one of the hottest places on this list of unusual things to do in Venice. This destination exists there since the 19th century. No residents have lived on this island since forever. Seems like an exciting place to explore, Doesn’t it?

As creepy as it sounds, this place has many elegant churches too that just adds to the unique peacefulness of the island.

A mandatory aspect to remember while visiting the place is that it’s a religious place, and deserves respectful conduct and appropriate dressing.

#6 Burano – Fisherman’s IslandBurao- Fisherman's Island

Away from the crowded streets of Venice, lies this Colourful destination that is Instagram perfect! It’s an ideal place for photoshoots, because of the water lagoon and the multicolored short buildings around it that adds to its glamour. 

It is located at the northern end of the Venetian lagoon. Burano in Venice is a lace manufacturer and has an alluring lace museum, Museo del Merletto.

 Venice is a place in Italy that an adventurous traveler would never regret visiting. The Venice to Rome train is another underrated thing to experience here. Traveling to Venice is even easier now, with the help of the Venice tour packages.

Explore wonderous Italy and its glamour at Venice!

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