Have you ever noticed the colorful towns in Europe? Destinations like Italy and many other places possess the real alluring beauty of the country. Europe is a beautiful combination of lively streets, busy markets, historic churches, scenic nature, and many colorful towns. Many of us skip the rural and small parts of Europe, but the truth is that the most pleasing thing about this country is its small and colorful towns. They are absolutely aesthetic and picture-perfect for your vacation photographs! Visit towns like Burano, Libson, Santorini, Vernazza, etc and feel the unique vibe of these towns that have narrow streets surrounded by colorful and vibrant villas and buildings.

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For those travelers who love colorful backgrounds and vibrant backdrops and are in search of interesting places to explore, we’ve got you covered! Here is the list of the colorful towns in Europe that we highly recommend and that are worth visiting.

#1 Burano, Italy.


Burano is a Venetian island in the Italian Lagoon, that is full to the brim with colorful houses and many scenic canals. This place is a perfect destination for photogenic travelers and is every photographer’s dream! When visiting Europe, make sure you explore Burano!

You can take a water taxi which takes up to 45 minutes to an hour until you reach the shores of the colorful village.

#2 Sighisoara, Romania.


When people say Romania, dark eerie castles and spooky folklore immediately come to mind. However, if you head to Sighisoara, Romania, you will be completely taken back as you marvel at the many quaint pastel-colored houses in this UNESCO protected the town. This medieval city located in the Transylvania region of Romania and is a fortified city with a rich past.

This is another village worth exploring in the list of colorful towns in Europe.

#3 Libson, Portal.


You are most likely to find bursts of vibrant colors everywhere you go to Lisbon! Rossio Square is one of our favorite spots in Lisbon. It is located in the heart of the colorful town. Officially named Praça Dom Pedro IV, this square boasts of beautiful views of the colorful little houses and buildings.

Libson is a small yet unique town in Portugal and adds to the beauty of this destination.

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#4 Nyhavn, Denmark.


Denmark is famous for its colorful buildings for a very long time. Nyhavn is a small street in Denmark that is nearly 25 centuries old! It is a water-front canal and entertainment district in Copenhagen, Denmark. All of the houses and buildings here are very ancient and have their own unique stories. Before, this place was a crowded commercial port and was filled with sailors. Nyhavn now is a trendy upper scale area where people go to for good food and jazz music.

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The destination everyone dreams of traveling to 😉

#5 Alberobello, Apulia.


Alberobello village roofs are very special! They made it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list of sites in Italy. To this day people use these houses as their home. The name truly comes from the Greek and it means ‘dome’ and it refers to the ancient houses with cone-like roofs made out of Apulian limestone. The most lively part of Alberobello is the Rione Monti district near the modern town center. It is full of shops and bars inside these Trulli houses so if you were planning to buy a souvenir, Rione Monti is the place for you.

#6 Vernazza, La Spezia.


Vernazza is more of a village than a town and it is actually a part of the National park Cinque Terre. Most people consider Vernazza the most picturesque out of Cinque Terre village. Vernazza was founded in the 11th century and it mostly served as a port. Today this tiny port is a favorite place to take a swim, both for the locals and visitors and it is surrounded by colorful bars and restaurants. Visting this place in Europe is what photography enthusiasts will love the most.

A day trip to this beautiful town is a good idea. The view and idea of this town are like we see on the colorful postcards! Visit this place if you love making beautiful memories. 

#7 Vieste, Foggia.


Vieste is a very charming town. This small village in Foggia counts only 13,000 residents but thanks to the thousands of tourists that visit the place every year. They make the colorful town seem even bigger than it really is. For many years the town is associated with fishing and agriculture until the establishment of the National park Gargano in 1991 which popularized Vieste and turned it into an attractive tourist destination. This town is located on a steep cliff Pizzomunno, between two sandy beaches.

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Traveling to these colorful and interesting towns in Europe will not only improve your vacation experience, it also will save you a lot of money. The people in these towns are warm and create a whole different vibe that will make you vacation mood boost instantly!


Europe is a collection of everything unique!

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